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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Free Demo this Saturday, June 3!

This Saturday, June 3rd,  my friend Paul Kratter and I will be doing a dual (duel?) demo at the Holton Studio Gallery in Berkeley! It starts at 2 pm, and the admission is free, so come see us sling paint and divert all our trade secrets! 

Paul is a great painter and we've been friends a long time. We are currently showing our works together at the Holton Studio, and the demo is part of the exhibition. We don't paint the same way, but we often paint similar subject matters, so it's fun to see them side by side.

If I weren't actually doing the demo at the same time, I'd love to just sit and watch paul do his demo!

Knowing Paul, I think the demo will be quite entertaining and will be full of good information on techniques, methods, and just how one may think about various aspects of solving visual problems.

The event is free, so come early and get a good seat. We'll start at 2 pm and take a painting from start to... I don't know, may be we'll even finish. 

Holton Studio Gallery is located at 2100 Fifth St. Berkeley, CA
Their website is http://holtonframes.com

Paul Kratter's works can be seen on his website; http://paulkratter.com


  1. If I weren't 6 states away I would be in the front row, bugging you with questions!

    1. Well one of these days, I may find myself in your neck of the woods :-D

  2. I enjoyed the Dual Demo. Also, I got to finally see your paintings in person.
    Thank you, and thanks for this very informative blog.

    1. Thanks for coming to the demo Paul!~ Glad you enjoyed it :-D I certainly had a good time!